LEVELS OF SPONSORSHIP (Depends on the total amount., see order form)

1 full access pass will be given each full 1.000 €

Sponsorship recognition will be included together in all event marketing (web, on-site, flyers, emailing, final program …).





Following the opening ceremony and two plenary lectures, we will hold a two-hour opening reception for ITP 2019 in the Main Hall of the University. Your sponsorship will be acknowledged at the event with signage, as well as prominent acknowledgement in the opening ceremony, final program and on the conference website.

A sponsor representative will provide a short introduction speech following our plenary talks. This event will be limited to a maximum of two sponsors .


BOOTH : 1.900 €

You will have a 6 s.q.m. (3m x 2m) stand throughout the Symposium. The service provided includes carpeting, partitions, power supply, signage, and furniture. Also description on website exhibition page.

Conference badges are not included in the stand rental, but the amount contributes to the definition of the sponsorship level.

Booths will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis.


TABLE TOP : 950 €

The exhibitor will be provided with one table and two chairs for the entire duration of the Symposium. Please note that you can either install a table top display on your table or have a maximum of two roll-up banners at the back of your table. Roll-up banners should not block or interfere other exhibitors.

Conference badges are not included in the table top rental, but the amount contributes to the definition of the sponsorship level.

Tables top will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis.


LUNCH SEMINAR : 4.000 €/day

The lunch seminar is a unique opportunity to present your new products and instruments to all participants of the ITP 2019 Symposium.

Catering boxes will be served in a room especially reserved for this purpose.

This will be the only possibility for lunch at ITP 2019, which optimizes the number of participants to your lunch seminar.

You will have 40 minutes (25 to 30 minutes of presentation, and questions and answers).

The summary of your presentation will be included in the official symposium compendium, and you will be able to distribute your documentation as you leave the room. A roll-up will be provided by the PCO.

In addition, you will have a private office all day to receive participants outside lunch seminar hours. The lunch seminar is available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.



At registration, each delegate will receive a symposium bag, which will include a summary of the scientific program and literature from our sponsors. Your sponsorship will be prominently signed as your logo on the bag in conjunction with the ITP 2019 logo.

(limited to one sponsor )



Badge lanyard sponsorship will be recognized by having your corporate name and logo featured on badge lanyard neck straps provided to all delegates at ITP 2019. The sponsor must provide their own lanyard with company logo.

If the organizer must obtain the lanyards on their behalf, the cost of the lanyard will be added to the cost of the sponsorship.


BAG INSERT : 600 €/item

You may submit a promotional flyer, application note, pencil/pen, writing pad or USB drive with literature for inclusion in the delegate’s symposium bag.

Please note that sponsors must provide up to 300 copies of the item for inclusion in symposium bags before start of meeting. Bag Stuffer



2nd cover page                      800 €

3rd rd cover page                   600 €

4th cover page                       900 €

Inside full page                      500 €



Banner on the Symposium web-site                1.000 €

e-mailing on participants                                      500 €

Roll-up in the Welcom Hall                                  800 €